The Mennonite Queen

Book #3—The Paradise Chronicles—Coming Soon!

With the bloody Münster rebellion of the middle ages in Germany as a backdrop, the Mennonite Queen is a thrilling tale of forbidden love and glorious faith.

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About the Book

Isabella, Princess of Poland, has been raised to a life of great wealth and leisure in the Polish Royal Court. She is destined to marry a king. But fate or divine providence intervenes when she meets Johan Heirschberg, a young Anabaptist who works in her father’s stable. His strength, kindness, and faith win her heart and together they flee to the city of Münster, Germany, where a great revolution is underway. Militant Anabaptists have taken over the city and declared it the Kingdom of God on earth. Isabella and Johan are married and Johan joins in the revolution. But the excesses and sins of the leaders soon turn him away. Catholic Bishop, Franz von Waldek, who has been paid by Isabella’s father to find the princess at all costs, sends his army to sack the city. Johan and Isabella escape and flee to Frisia, where they become followers of Menno Simons and learn the way of non-violence. Betrayed by an informer, Isabella and Johan and their infant son are captured by von Waldek and returned to Poland. There Isabella must make a choice that could change the course of European history.


Series: The Paradise Chronicles, Book 3
Genres: Amish Fiction, Amish Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance, Thriller
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: P&J Publishing
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Length: 340
Illustrator: Cora Bignardi

List Price: $14.99
eBook Price: $6.99
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About the Author
Patrick E. Craig

Patrick E. Craig, a lifelong writer and musician, left a career in the music industry to concentrate on writing fiction and non-fiction books. In 2011 he signed a three-book deal with Harvest House Publishers to publish his Apple Creek Dreams series. Harlequin recently purchased the print rights for his new novel, The Amish Heiress. Patrick and his wife, Judy, make their home in Idaho. They have two married children and five grandchildren. Patrick is represented by the Steve Laube Agency.

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