A Two-Edged Sword – The Amish Heiress


Two weeks later, Daniel was hanging around outside the post office. He had checked for a reply from Rachel as often as he could for the last week, but he had received nothing. Several Amish folk had come and gone this morning, and he was waiting until he could go in unobserved. Rachel had sent […]

Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year!


May the simplicity that infuses the Amish way of life transfer itself to you and yours this holiday season.  And may the simple Joy of Christmas and the wonderful reality of a small child, born in a manger to become the Savior of a lost and dying world, be the light that guides you through […]

Many Sorrows – The Amish Heiress


Rachel looked up. Jenny stood in the doorway of her room looking at the half-packed suitcase on the bed. Rachel saw the look on her mama’s face, but she steeled herself against it and continued packing. “But where will you go, Rachel? How will you live?” “Aren’t you forgetting, Mama, that I am about to […]

Daniel’s Heart – from The Amish Heiress


Daniel King stood on the high knoll behind his father’s house. It was just before dawn on an early April morning. Far away to the east a dark row of trees marked the horizon. Long, smooth clouds drifted through the slowly brightening sky. A golden glow began to grow around the tops of the trees […]

Painful Days – From The Amish Heiress by Patrick E. Craig


The grey-green sea rolled in long, choppy swells beneath the boat. The waves were endless, moving toward him out of the mist and disappearing away toward the unseen horizon. It was dark, so dark, and the strange smell of the salt water was overpowering and somehow terrifying. A stiff breeze drove the icy spray off […]

The Trail – from The Amish Heiress by Patrick E. Craig


Bobby Halverson studied the note in his hand as he ambled down the hill. Augusta St. Clair.  Now that’s a name I never thought I’d hear again.             He put the scrap of paper in his pocket as he walked around the side of the blue house to the garden. Jenny was kneeling down, digging […]

Dear Jenny: What is an Amish Wedding Like?


Dear Jenny, What is an Amish wedding like?  Do you get married in a church or at home.  Is there music and the traditional vows, or do you have a different way?  I am very curious about this. Debbie – Woodstock, New York _____________________________________ I received this letter from a reader a few weeks ago.  […]

My personal favorite from Jenny’s Choice


Then came a morning when Jenny awoke to a dawn that came creeping into her room like a mischievous child, softly kissing her awake with the delicate touch of a rose colored morning.  Jenny opened her eyes, and saw the pale colors blushing in the fresh sky.  She rose, wrapped a shawl around her shoulders […]

Dear Jenny: Where did the Amish come from? – Part 3


For the last three weeks I have been writing about the history of the Amish – where we came from.  This all came about when a reader sent me a letter.  Here’s what she asked: _____________________ Dear Jenny, I have lived in Pennsylvania most of my life and have seen many Amish people.  I always […]

Dear Jenny: Where did the Amish come from – part 2


Last week I received this question from a reader in Pittsburgh.  There was so much to the answer that I had to divide it into several parts.  Here’s the question: Dear Jenny, I have lived in Pennsylvania most of my life and have seen many Amish people.  I always wondered where they came from and […]